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Oct 25, · Photoshop (PS) CC 2018 is the most powerful and feature-rich creative suite in the world. It includes a new Photoshop that focuses on speed, stability, and user experience for photographers and creators of all skill levels.Q: Reverse the order of matches I'm trying to build a reverse search for a form. The user types in a search, the search returns the corresponding match in the order that it is currently there in the database. For example search: google Currently in the database google is the first search. The page displays google, yahoo, How can i reverse the order. A: There are various different options, but the most straightforward is probably a default sort order for the elements in a result set: $data = array(); $sorts = array('name' => 1); $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sometable ORDER BY name"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) { $data[] = array( 'key' => $row['name'], 'url' => $row['url'] ); } The function mysql_fetch_assoc() will maintain the row order, so it's easy to obtain the order of the results. If your result set doesn't always have the same number of rows, you'll need to store them in a different order and retrieve them in the same order. This isn't too hard as you don't need to store the order, as you can simply fetch the data in the same order. Le trésorier précis de la Macronie, Bruno Le Maire, a affirmé dimanche que son parti ne soutiendrait pas la candidature de Marine Le Pen. "Nous ne soutiendrons jamais Marine Le Pen", a affirmé Bruno Le Maire, le trésorier présidentiel de La République en Marche. "Ce n'est pas mon choix. Je ne souhaite pas que Marine Le Pen parvienne au pouvoir. C'est un choix qui m'échappe. Le plus important, c'est que la France soit souver



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