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Starts in September 2022


with Zsolt Szalai, Peter Halustok

and Bert den Hertog


The Compass Leadership Training should help participants to grow as a responsible leader who can start and develop Compass ministry in his/her area of influence. The Training focuses on the Book of Nehemiah in order to understand, discuss and apply biblical leadership lessons based on Nehemiah’s example.



The Compass Leadership Training is an eight months process with monthly zoom meetings and some application exercises to help participants grow in Biblical leadership. It starts in September and ends in June.  An additional personal meeting on the annual Compass conference in February is planned as appropriate. Each session is focusing on personal encounter and fellowship sharing of participants using God’s Word to form us as leaders of Compass ministry.



Alejandro Juvet

el líder de Compass Suiza



Moisés Contreras

el líder de Compass España



Bert den Hertog

el director ejecutivo de Compass Europa

Main leader


miércoles, 22 de junio

Antes de las 18:00 - Llegada por su cuenta

18.00 – Cena

20.00 - Bert den Hertog “La diferencia entre un ministerio exitoso y fructífero”

jueves, 23 de junio

8.00 – Desayuno

9.00 - Bert den Hertog “¿Qué significa ser vasijas de barro como líderes?”

10.00 - Taller interactivo a cargo de Moises Contreras “Cómo desarrollar un DAFO y una estrategia para tu país  ¿Ministerio DF?

12.00 - Descanso y almuerzo

14.00 - Alexandre Juvet “Señales de agotamiento”

15.00 – Descanso

15.30 - Taller interactivo de Radovan Ivanko “Cómo difundir tu mensaje de Discipulado Financiero en tu país”

18.00 – Cena

20.00 - Andrei Ptashnikov "Prevenir errores que te vacían"


viernes, 24 de junio

8.00 – Desayuno

9.00 - Radovan Ivanko “La práctica de cuidarse a uno mismo”

10.00 - Taller interactivo de Alexandre Juvet “Por qué y cómo construir un equipo de ministerio nacional”

12.00 - Descanso y almuerzo

14.00 - Bert den Hertog “Confianza más profunda en el Señor”

15.00 – Descanso

15.30 - Taller interactivo de Yuri Boldirev “Cómo financiar tu ministerio nacional”

18.00 – Cena

20.00 - Cierre, envío, seguimiento, clausura, evaluación, tiempo de oración con Bert den Hertog


sábado, 25 de junio

8.00 – Desayuno

Después de las 9.00 - Excursión/Salida por su cuenta

Why do you as a leader need to be attend the Leadership Training?

A leader is someone who needs to be filled to give their love, strength, energy and wisdom to disciples and followers.

A leader is someone who is always on the front line. He must be at the ready and under God's protection, which comes when we are immersed in God's Word.

A leader is the one at whom the arrows of the enemy are aimed. He must understand how to deflect them so that no one gets hit by an accidental arrow.

A leader is someone who prepares the next generation of leaders. He must be trained and continually develop his skills to always reflect the light of Jesus Christ and lead the leaders of the next generation in the right direction.

If you agree with at least two of these four reasons, you will benefit when you attend the Leadership Training . Registration deadline is September 1, 2022, but places are limited. Be sure to secure your place now!